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Company Culture


Ruihuajianye holds that quality products reflect the perception of the corporate management. The well cultivated nature of individuals in general, combined with new methodology in management, is the prerequisite of success in the business.
FUR & RHJY 's philosophy of life:

Ruihuajianye holds that credibility is crucial to the financial success of the enterprise. Consequently, the company has sustained an ever-growing business, with long and friendly relations with its customers.

" You are the most trustworthy businessman I ever dealt with in Mainland China!" praised one customer to Mr. Sun Qingtao, the president of Ruihuajianye.

FUR & RHJY 's View of the Talented Employees:

Reihuajianye insists that employees who have joined the team, are intended not only to produce tangible products , but to also share the corporate values, which are intangible. It is the talent of employees, not the facilities or finances, which are deemed the most valuable treasures in the company.

Employees are the foundations of the company. Only through good treatment and social welfare, can the individuals be fully motivated in terms of their optimism, loyalty and creativity. This ensures more cohesion within the workforce to guarantee maximum benefits to the company.

Reihuajianye believes that a high retention of employees is the touchstone of the corporate management.

Job satisfaction and rewards commensurate with skills and experience determine the loyalty of employees during times of booming economies as well as through periods of recession.

FUR & RHJY 's View of Development:

As a processing oriented enterprise, Ruihuajianye is heavily reliant on the incoming orders, subject to the changing international circumstances. Fur & Leather in business and quick responsiveness to the customers makes it possible to survive and grow in the competition.

None of the companies are destined to fail in their beginnings, though most have realized that greatness is not built in a day, but through struggle with fortitude in the process.

Ruihuajianye is now pressing to look for competitive partners to expand its domestic and international sales and lift brand awareness. And it is well prepared for the challenges and opportunities arising from China's WTO entry, which nobody can afford to miss.