kid fur plates

kid fur plates


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Origin: Shandong province, China Color

First of all, it is very important to be clear about the difference of goat fur and kid goat fur. We only deal with kid goat ourselves.
Kid goat fur have shorter fur, much soft and thin leathers and the main application of kid goat fur is for dyin and printing for garment production.

The are different colors of kid goat fur including natural white, brown, dark brown, etc.
We only deal with colors as below:
Natural colors Natural white
Bleached colors Bleached white
Dyed colors-Single color Single dyed colors
Cyed colors-leopard printed Printed colors-leopard cat design

It is important to be noted about natural white and bleached white color plates. If customers want to buy our plates for dying at their side, it is ok for natural white plates.
We are good at kid plates or baby goat fur plates dying and printing. Our fist product leopard cat -design printed kid plates or baby goat fur plates are marketable worldwide especially in Italy, the most high-end fashion market. The reason we are able to do that is because we have our own different kinds of mother printing boards and dying techiniques.
Please refer to photos of leopard-cat-design printed kid plates or baby goat fur plates with comparison of real leopard cat furs:

Here below is the printing mother board


Size: 60 cm x 120 cm

For our different kinds and colors of kid plates or baby goat fur plates, we provide them at sizes as below:
The reason for the size difference is obvious, after dying, printing or dry-cleaning, fur plates will become smaller.
Natural white kid plates or baby goat fur plates
Bleached white kid plates or baby goat fur plates
Dyed kid plates or baby goat fur plates-single color
Leopard-design printed kid plates or baby goat fur plates


Skin numbers: no matter what quality or color, our kid plates or baby goat fur plates are made from 9 skins as below:

Season: all plates of kid goat furs are of winter skins

Grade: A

In fur industry, even all kid plates or baby goat fur plates, we regard them different on the basis of its fur length difference.
For FurFarmers, we divided them into 3 kinds according to its fur length as below:
kid plates or baby goat fur plates fur length
Short fur 0.1-0.3 cm
Medium fur 0.5 cm - 1 cm
Long fur 1 cm -.5 cm

kid plates or baby goat fur plates of different fur length have different application for production.
No matter what fur length, our kid plates or baby goat fur plates are all of the best quality with excellent fur skins used.
Just refer to photos below for reference:


Please also refer to photos at the bottom
Quality: Our products' excellent quality characteristics are mainly as below:

Strictly select skins for plate manufacturing while most of them are based on special tanning techniques which give our furs a special shinning and bright outlook
Carefully fur quality matching to enable the fur color and length unity within the same plate
To cut skins seriously and only use the best part of fur skins for plate making
Skilled stitching and labour work
Keep furs original instead of stretching that to meet certain size as others do
Dry-cleaning to remove any horrible smells and also keep leatherside of plates soft and elastic
Final fine-tune plates including backside repairing to remove extra stitching,
Stitching seam unified, namely all skins of same size used to facilitate garment manufacturing
Speical dying and printing techniques
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It is strongly suggested to make sure what quality-level and fur length level customers are looking for.
All 3 fur length plates are suitable for dying and printing but the shortest fur length are the best.
Product and stock photos
Short-fur kid plate

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